CodeDay Atlanta April 2018

Hosted at One Ravinia Drive
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We are making a retro-styled game where you dodge enemy projectiles.


We are making a website that helps you learn the four basic mathematical operations.


We are making an easier way to cook. Find the perfect meal using our website!

Universal War

I am making a classic-styled arcade shooter game.


I am making a game where you shoot asteroids.

Pixel Galaxy

We are making a game about characters jumping over lasers and into outer space.

CodeDay Dallas April 2018

Hosted at T-Mobile/Metro PCS DFW
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Volunteer Hub

Sammy Shin Trevor Nguyen

Cyber Run

Vishnu Vasudev Dhru Chanana Ishaen Javali Nishant Bhagat Malik Stewart Haydon Gilmore Matthieu Diaz Daniel Jubert

Astro Mania

Jobe Blosser Anna Evans Kate "Derren" Price-Ward Zachary Holloman Jonathan Ward