CodeDay San Diego Fall 2018

Hosted at NEST CoWork

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful CodeDay SD. We hope you enjoyed the event! We'd like to thank our global sponsors for their support, Sodexo for locally sponsoring CodeDay SD with lunch, and NEST for providing us with their awesome CyberHive space.

Photos: Ryan Aylmer, May, Skye Faybrick

What They Made


You try to hit as many pedestrians as possible to show off dynamic environment.

Taco Truck

Teaches beginners the basics of cryptography and forensics.


Just a song.

A Character Generator

The program accurately generates random DND characters.


A 3D 1v1 battle between different models of characters.


PvE with a ship that allows you man different stations to prevent enemies from killing you.

Frogger 2: After the Divorce

A tragic spin off of a classic game.

Not Functioning

Catching apples make trees grow bigger.


1v1 tank battle.


A 2 player fighter game.


Text based create your own adventure game.

Sheep Mode

A YouTube mp4 converter that is better than all others.


There is a map and you run around and there are no collisions in the game and there are zombies running behind you.

Darksteal Striders

A script that translates real time messages into a concurrent cloud that represents the conglomerate of tweets surrounding a giving origin and sizing to the given variables.


You fish in a boat.

Photos At The Event


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