Custom-coded advanced calculator

Mr. Explosion

A mischievous fox enjoys using dynamite to blow up everything from castles to random people in this game.

Julianna Vargas

Vibe check with a random funny website navigator

TensorFlow and Neural Networks

Exploring TensorFlow and AWS SageMaker to experiment with neural networks

Discord Death Bot

A chat bot that interrupts chat conversations with an automated meme.

Liberty or Death

(Kaitlyn Martinez)

Rat’s Nest

In this psychological horror game players are forced to make moral (or immoral) decisions while stripped of the ability to discriminate due to gender neutrality and grayscale color schemes.

Joey Ciccarelli

Taught himself how to do animation by creating a running character.

The Boiz

Simulation on how two people met

Obby Busters

A competitive obstacle course game designed in Robeblox Studios.

Maxim A

Peas In ‘Da Pod

A top-down RPG with pathfinding AI.


Toast ejected from a toaster becomes ammo against malicious jars of jam and peanut butter in NanoToast, a playful take on a traditional shooter game.

Johan Carrion

Running a Squid web proxy server on a Rasberry Pi which maximizes the use of a low- bandwidth connection.

David Bonilla

Developing a business building game in which one defends their burgeoning enterprise against attacks from competing businesses that include destruction of property and corporate espionage.

Jack Taylor

Using Unity to explore lighting in games.


Multiplayer battle game called On ice in which players battle each other and time as polar bears on a melting ice cap.

Travis Begody

A 2d fighting game called Medieval Royale.

Sleep Buzzz

An app that notifies public transportation users when they are near their stop to avoid missing it due to sleep or distraction.


3D FPS with some great memes


A crane navigates several platforms – including invisible ones – in this Orakami platformer.

Wyatt Summerville

2D Platformer - control the orb and interact with your environment

A Magical Something

A visual novel in which a brother cares for his sister but the player’s choices determines the nature of the sibling’s relationship.

Ben Ciccarelli

A SageMaker deep machine learning AI chat bot.


Squid and a Raspberry Pi