CodeDay Bellevue Late Winter 2020

Hosted at T-Mobile Headquarters
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DOOM but procedurally generated.

Adopt A Kid

App to help you find kids to adopt.

Team I Don't Know

Time Crunch

A unity-based shooter game.

Fall and Phase

Parkour with teleportation.

Californium Gurls

An app with lots of minigames.

Helping Hands

Find people near you with CPR or BLS training.


VR escape game.

Garbage Guiders

App to help you learn what to do with plastic waste.

Space Coders

Unity game where you fight space enemies.

The Asiansapes

Tower defense game in scratch.


A game where you feel like you're the character.


4th Dimensional Tower Defense Game in Godot

3 Muskateers

App Central - 7 games and 1 application

4D Printer

Automatically generate hardware for 3D printers


A command-line version of battleship in Java.


A self-hosted analytics tool that respects your privacy.


A VR game about teleportation.

Garage Door Opener

Open your garage door over Slack.

Golem Studios

An RTS game about modern warfare and climate change.


A racing game in Unity.

The Cookie Fairies

Escape the room. It's not as simple as it seems.

Devil's Pizza

Bake and serve demonic pizza.

Team Alpha

VR unity game for low-cost headsets.


Calculate your environmental waste.


Social AR app for engaging with legislation.