CodeDay Chicago May 2018

Hosted at TechNexus
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CodeDay Virginia May 2018

Hosted at CodeVA
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Program to pick out clothes

The Fall

Game where you fall and dodge platforms.

Boxman Hall Escape

Construct choose your own adventure styled game, involving searching a hall to escape.

Save a Life

First aid walkthrough app. Demonstrates how to perform emergency medical treatment. Also calles emergency services.

Bus Rampage

Bus animation with Construct 3

The Bosses

A game?

Donuts on the go

App that allows you to find donut shops nearby

Foxbow Vs. The Fear Empire: Tower Climb Demo


Test Game #1

A Game!

CodeDay Bay Area May 2018

Hosted at ThoughtWorks, Inc.
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Photo Credits: Janet Fang, Forrest Leung, Eileen Yang



Chandan P An HTML webpage about a burger house menu.

AmadorGDC (Dual Rhythm)

Jeremy L, Benjamin N, Paul A, Clara R, Jae C A split-screen rhythm game.

Team Okay

Sharon L, Jing Y, Sam T We're making a money tracker website that helps users budget and save up for something so that they spend rationally.

Green Foot Systems

Abhi V, Darren D, Arjun M, Jinu J, Pranav V Green Foot calculates your carbon emissions for the year and gives you a score based relative to these categories.

Facial Roll Call

Mitchell W, Mark L We use facial recognition to make roll calls more efficient.

Rogue Food

Desmond K, Daniel D A procedurally generated rogue-like game about food.

Robot Game

Krishna R Robot Game is a game where the player must click on bots to get the highest score.

Job Search

Weibo Y, Jasper H Job Search uses an algorithm to show the users' interests in jobs.

Team Foothill

Timothy D, Randy K, NIck C, Brandon S, Jacob P, Bryan H A 2-D card game where you face off against monsters.


Luke C, Gabriel D, JP Zeng, Aaron H, Ryan K, Shannon Y A Facebook Messenger bot that has location-based customer service support.


Jeanelle T, Kriselle T A website to help people learn more about chemistry and properties of common molecules.

CodeDay Los Angeles May 2018

Hosted at Hub101
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Long Way Home

Astronaut Space Dog Game

Pixel Cross

A puzzle game.

Javascript Snake

Neural network snake


Neural network to recognize sentiment in various bodies of words.


Unlimited terrain runner with procedural generation. Everything is done by the computer, no preset at all.


Joe Keery eating eggos. Made a short film.

The Loser 2.0

Guy dodging milk cartons.

Sleeping Samurai

Platform game with foes.

Spicy Moon

1 v 1 plants versus zombies.


Voice controlled attack game.


Distortion Pedal


Chord blaster game where you have to match the chords to shoot.


Put PPAP as image of all blocks in minecraft server

Komplete Chaos

Sounds of Music but really retro.


Scavenger hunt app

CodeDay Phoenix May 2018

Hosted at University of Advancing Technology
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Smash Central

Helps people find netplay opponents.

Choo Tracks

Play minigames on a train.

The CodeDay Adventure

A bunch of minigames.

WWII Simulator

Work with your friends to try to stop the German army.

Boats and Ships

An art maze game.

The IT Canvas

Online courses in anything technology related.

The Alamo

It's like Call of Duty: Zombies but with 2D guns/zombies, in a 3D environment.

Nuclear Tycoon

A tycoon game in C++.

Chess Engine

Chess engine

Nerf or Nothin'

Nerf gun game.

Boss Rush

Try to kill a boss as quickly as possible using different abilities.


A first-person shooter.

Task management

Task management website


A library for neural networking and examples of simple games.

Diatomic Industries

DND campaign website.

Alien Heist

You have to try to steal an alien power source.

Unturned LAN

A LAN server for Unturned.

Metroid 64

Metroid Prime but in the N64.

Watch Your Head

Avoid getting hit by things thrown by your ex out the window.

CodeDay Washington May 2018

Hosted at Tune Kitchen
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This program will use facial recognition through your webcam to let you know when you're slouching in your seat.