Smash Central

Helps people find netplay opponents.

Choo Tracks

Play minigames on a train.

The CodeDay Adventure

A bunch of minigames.

WWII Simulator

Work with your friends to try to stop the German army.

Boats and Ships

An art maze game.

The IT Canvas

Online courses in anything technology related.

The Alamo

It's like Call of Duty: Zombies but with 2D guns/zombies, in a 3D environment.

Nuclear Tycoon

A tycoon game in C++.

Chess Engine

Chess engine

Nerf or Nothin'

Nerf gun game.

Boss Rush

Try to kill a boss as quickly as possible using different abilities.


A first-person shooter.

Task management

Task management website


A library for neural networking and examples of simple games.

Diatomic Industries

DND campaign website.

Alien Heist

You have to try to steal an alien power source.

Unturned LAN

A LAN server for Unturned.

Metroid 64

Metroid Prime but in the N64.

Watch Your Head

Avoid getting hit by things thrown by your ex out the window.