CodeDay Bay Area Winter 2020

Hosted at Make School
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Savio - Hanks

A website that assists a user in financial regulating.

Block Race - Andrew

A Java speed-based game with blocks.

Planet Code - Taylor, Om

An intuitive learning solution built with MongoDB, React, Redux, Node.js, and more.

Code Blocks - Will, James, Long, Jimmy, Tyler, Nicholas

A Unity game where the player dodges increasingly blocks.

Fantasy Football - Dylan, Arda, Ash

A Unity game where a player tries to reach an endzone while avoiding obstacles.

Card Combat - Oliver

A multiplayer card based strategy game built with C# and Unity.

The Floor is Lava - Mukund, Tapesh, Iris

A Unity game where players traverse a map while staying on platforms.

Class Schedule - Shyang, Alwin, Vincent, Thomas, Zhen Hong

A program that generates schedules and offers automated options upon conflict.

Escape Room - Jessica, Sakshi

An escape room styled game built with Python.

Frigo - Nadia, Archita, Lily, Megan, Juliette

An app that tracks the inventory of a user's refrigerator, providing suggestions and options.

CodeDay Bay Area Fall 2019

Hosted at Make School
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ASCII - Daniel, Kyle, Spencer

A program where images are translated into symbols.

Adventure Time - Mira, Amanda, Ashley, Vinu

A horror story walkthrough adventure game.

Maze - Rylee, Keshav, Alex

A game intended to test player's reaction time.

41 - Kentaro, JJ, Sa'ar, Nami

A game where AI becomes sentient and player tries to stop it.

IDentity - Ilya, Jason, Kristy

A web application that aims to help disabled people locate certain places.

e^2 - Karen, Stephanie

A Chrome extension that incorporates NLP to emotionally assess an article.

PoliHub - Saborni, Sabrina, Arianna

A website that serves as a political guide during elections.

Beach Cleanup - Andy

A Java game about picking up trash.

EnviZion - Jennifer, Maggie, Winnie, Ivy, Amanda, Rachel

A college research application.

Rivet - Jonah

A text-stream searcher that uses regular expressions.

Recycle101 - Jinda, Jinxin, Kuma, Jenny

A website that shares categorized recycle knowledge.

CodeDay Bay Area Spring 2019

Hosted at Make School
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Photo Credits: Janet Fang, Michael Vien


PengPong - Tianyi, Lily, Amy

A cute penguin-themed pong game to raise awareness about endangered penguins.

Blackjack - Ansel

A blackjack game created using Python.

GamerAlarm - Zitao, Yongkang

A alarm that helps gamers control their play time using Java.

Ascent - Graydon, Praveen, Neil

A grade calculator app.

NaviMe - Vivek, Karen

A small scale navigation guide using object detection and image classification.

Book DataBase - Justin, Sidharth, Tiven

Made a database to store books with Python for learning experience.

Sudoku Solver - Barish, Sören

A simple tool to solve any standard sudoku board

beefcake - Pranav, Reetinav, Abhishek

A website that teaches you how to play Blackjack and after that you can play the game on that site.

GarageSale - Kevin, Wesley, Jack, Alec

App that analyzes pictures and provides prices using machine learning and cloud platform.

Survival of the Fittest - Amandip

Text-based survival game that changes as you go on.

sosBots - Taylor, Jad

ESPN type app.

HuevoJuego - Yolanna, Daniel, Rylee

An idle and typing game hybrid.

mealMADE - Millika, Esha, Vivian

Website that generates recipes based on inputted list of ingredients.

To Duel-ist - Julian, JJ, Nami, Nico

Floppy sword fighting game

CodeDay Bay Area Winter 2019

Hosted at Make School
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Middle Web

A website that simulates nuclear weapons deployment


HTML page with links directing to other programs


We’re making an app and a website that people can anonymously report a problem to a manager or administrator that they have seen such as drug/alcohol use, sexual assault, mental illness, bullying, and violence. It can be used in schools or offices to keep

Word Scramble

A website that challenges the user to unscramble text at different difficulties.

Chef Alexa

Chef Alexa was inspired by not having enough time to go to the stop and plan out a recipe for a meal. To solve this problem we have Chef Alexa that you can ask recipes with the ingredients that you have on hand.


A choose your own adventure game where the only method of interacting with the game is by pressing, or not pressing, a button

Club Finder

A website that organizes our high school’s clubs


A website that allows students to connect with a professional in their desired industry


A Chrome extension that stores a to-do list and notifies you when you're not doing what you're supposed to be doing.

Object Detector

A web app that finds specific objects in an image.


A small, spooky game

Drone with Raspi

Using Raspi and IMUs we have wireless communication and filtered data for drone applications.

Mission Control

Use html to create a mission control app for mission management for drones.


Smart Speaking Glasses App

Game of Stones

Take the last stone in the pile. 4 difficulty levels.

CodeDay Bay Area Fall 2018

Hosted at ThoughtWorks, Inc.
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A website to help college students decide what class to take


Who’s that Pokémon game

Wics 6

Food Ordering System for the Admin website

.IO Games

We made a website with different links to different .io games.


Our project shall encourage people not to be late with a social shaming platform.

No Sleep

Meal planner


Recipe Website for Foodies

Stay sharp

Local studying website


Android Voting App


Scanny app

Buff & Co.

A minimalist pinball game

CodeDay Bay Area May 2018

Hosted at ThoughtWorks, Inc.
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Photo Credits: Janet Fang, Forrest Leung, Eileen Yang



Chandan P An HTML webpage about a burger house menu.

AmadorGDC (Dual Rhythm)

Jeremy L, Benjamin N, Paul A, Clara R, Jae C A split-screen rhythm game.

Team Okay

Sharon L, Jing Y, Sam T We're making a money tracker website that helps users budget and save up for something so that they spend rationally.

Green Foot Systems

Abhi V, Darren D, Arjun M, Jinu J, Pranav V Green Foot calculates your carbon emissions for the year and gives you a score based relative to these categories.

Facial Roll Call

Mitchell W, Mark L We use facial recognition to make roll calls more efficient.

Rogue Food

Desmond K, Daniel D A procedurally generated rogue-like game about food.

Robot Game

Krishna R Robot Game is a game where the player must click on bots to get the highest score.

Job Search

Weibo Y, Jasper H Job Search uses an algorithm to show the users' interests in jobs.

Team Foothill

Timothy D, Randy K, NIck C, Brandon S, Jacob P, Bryan H A 2-D card game where you face off against monsters.


Luke C, Gabriel D, JP Zeng, Aaron H, Ryan K, Shannon Y A Facebook Messenger bot that has location-based customer service support.


Jeanelle T, Kriselle T A website to help people learn more about chemistry and properties of common molecules.

CodeDay Bay Area Winter 2018

Hosted at Horizons School of Technology
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Photo Credits: Janet Fang


Drop Game

Short game -- block avoidance


RPG game, based on luck

Portal Snake

Combining portal and snake


Menu filter for food restrictions

Timer App

Unobtrusive timer app


Jeopardy game


Shoot 'em up game, with references to calc


Polling/voting app

Rainy Jazz

Rainy jazz website

Adventure Game

Text based adventure game in Python


An alternative news source.

Women Around the World

Explore women's culture!


2D platformer, made with Java


Political news aggregator


A website to spread awareness

Ball Brothers

Balancing ball game


App that can recognize foods, advising food decisions

Translate You Shall

Yoda speech translator

Board Wars

Scanner based 2D chess game


Easy and free video and audio calling, complete with native test taking to provide a free and accessible class environment to anyone, anywhere.


Calculator app

In Construction

Build your own build your own game game that you must both design and play

Math Integral Calculator

Plots graph and calculates integral


Facial recognition comparison with celebrities

Dinosaur Game

A randomly generated 2D combat game.


Take picture of an ingredient, get recipes

CodeDay Bay Area Fall 2017

Hosted at 42 Silicon Valley
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Memecremental Game

Vegetal: Scriptable RTS




Tic-Tac-Toe in C++


Road Run


8 ball


Cave triangles

Travel Master

Quick Activity Finder


City Circles

pizza vs human

Field Finder

Dress Your Pet

Skateboard Daredevil REST

Incremental Game Player


Spotify Hacks

CodeDay Bay Area Spring 2017

Hosted at 42 Silicon Valley
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spaceship laser game.

CodeDay Bay Area Staff!


Can You Recycle Me?

Hands-Free Presentation

Mustache Mafia Game




Python Craps Text Game


2hu ⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨⑨

CodeDay Bay Area Winter 2017

Hosted at Make School
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The only game that combines huge muscles with everything imaginable.

CodeDay Bay Area Fall 2016

Hosted at Make School
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With These Eyes

An RPG-based web game that plays in one world from two perspectives.

CodeDay Staff

We organize CodeDay!

Decoding GenZ

Decoder for current teen slang.


An education app that lets students unleash their inner knowledge.

Nerf ammo counter website

website for nerf ammo counter


A website for nonprofit essay editing

Adventure of a Lifetime

A fun choose your own adventure game about saving a gorilla.


A web game about an experiment gone horribly wrong.


Connecting communities in SF


Keep the candy from touching the ground.

Talk About It

A chat where people can talk about specific issues they struggle with.


A local multiplayer game between friends! Push you friends to the edge!!

NBA Shootout

A basketball/shooting game.


A helpful app to connect friends and family

Student Alcohol Predict

A website that predicts the likelihood of underage drinking.

A virtual party animal/brodude.




A chatbot that comforts and encourages the user

Presidential Race

Platform game in which George Washington picks up objects

Tap Tap PPAP

Click on falling pineapples and apples at the green line for maximum points




simple shooter

Resi Salvador

We learn how to create a game

Seasonal Makeup

Unfinished website to help keep up with makeup trends throughout the season


to demonstrate how hard it is to cross the border.

zombie assassin

they train to surviving


Gesture-based phone-controlled co-op survival defense in a custom JS engine

Domination Trump

A funny game related to Trump's presidency.


a package of games to play on a road trip

CodeDay San Francisco/SV Spring 2015

Hosted at NVIDIA
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