CodeDay Indianapolis Winter 2019

Hosted at Kenzie Academy
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F simulator

A game built with Construct where you fight zombies by spamming F (to pay respects)

Hungry Game

a game that's impossible to win: if you don't eat enough you die, and if you eat too much, you die

Ad spammer & discord bot

A small discord bot, and a program that spams dozens of ads on your screen

CodeDay Indianapolis Fall 2018

Hosted at Kenzie Academy
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Harder PacMan+Space Invaders

Two classic games recreated in Construct 3 that use unconventional physics to make them much harder


A platformer + first person shooter in Unity

AI eyeBot

An AI program for amputees that allows you to use your eyes to control your computer


A cryptocurrency and platform for 21st century hustlers; Bitconnect parody