CodeDay Bloomington-Normal Summer 2019

Hosted at Illinois Wesleyan University

Thanks to State Farm for providing free tickets to CodeDay Bloomington-Normal, IWU for hosting CodeDay on their campus, and our five mentors who drove down from CodeDay Chicago. Finally, thanks to all the participants for making this a great event!

Photos: Phoebe Askelson

What They Made


Running game for a majestic Loch Ness Monster.

Color Hoppers

Two-player platformer.

Team Team

Match Disney princesses with their sidekicks in 30 seconds or less!

The Yoguses

A 2D sidescroller platforming game! Our character starts out weak and acquires many powers along his path.

Dynamite Confident Superstar Presenters!!!

Personal takes on classic games--Soham Man and Car Race.


Dodge that purple RAIN!

Best Gamer

Racing game, dodge the obstacles to win the levels and then win the game!

Team Purple

Story line platformer made in Scratch.

[Generate Random Title]

Turn-based game where you attack or spare the opposing person without them killing you first.

Madison Rosenberger

A dragon traverses maze to collect keys and unlock the fabled treasure!

Photos At The Event


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