CodeDay Dallas Winter 2017

Hosted at The Grove Dallas Coworking
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Let's Maze Together!

A game where each person has to work together to solve a maze.

CodeDay Columbia Winter 2017

Hosted at The Iron Yard & SOCO
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Ultimate Destruction

A game where you can destroy things!

2D fighter

is a 2D fighting game

Running Out

Life or death; complete objectives to live, or run out of time and die.

The Labyrinth

Text based escape room/puzzle game

Rock Paper Scissors

We r making a game that u have to fight use the ways of rock,paper, scissor


2D platformer with manual gravity-switching as a main mechanic

The Runners

It's a game. You have one ball, and zombies coming after you from each side

Through the Grapevine

Cell phone app for teens

Ghost Hunt

Get all the coins and safely get out of the maze without getting caught.

CodeDay Minneapolis Winter 2017

Hosted at SPS Commerce
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Knightmare "Take 2"

A bullet hell survival platformer using skeletal sprites/animations

Space Dungeon

it is sorta a dungeon maze thing in space

Centrifugal forces

A game based around the idea of gravity in a spinning cylinder

Game Decay

A game where you go level to level, racing a virus decaying the map.

Maddie Kelly

Help the hamster get his carrots before the cat catches him



Darwin's Doodles

Teaching doodles to walk from a drawing to an evolving neural network

OW Street Fighter

street fighter but overwatch

CodeDay Bay Area Winter 2017

Hosted at Make School
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The only game that combines huge muscles with everything imaginable.

CodeDay Boca Raton Winter 2017

Hosted at DMAC (Digital Media Arts College)
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The Forbidden Fight

a two player local mutiplayer


A video game. An arcade side-scrolling top-down spaceship shooter.

In 24 Hours

A short visual novel about making a visual novel within 24 hours.


Poorly Articulated and Programmed Reticulate (Of Bullets). Fast-Paced&Hard.

Adventure Game

Text based adventure game coded with Python.

Timbs Quest

A platform bullet hell/ melee game, in which users control Siegward


unfinished platform on a parody of the game overwatch

Tic Tac Toe and GearMaker

Scripts made in Autodesk Maya with Python

CodeDay Chicago Winter 2017

Hosted at Blue 1647 Tech Innovation Center
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Photos: Rakesh Das



App that connects to smart appliances for home energy efficiency.

CodeDay Pittsburgh Winter 2017

Hosted at First Presbyterian Church Cellar
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Go to a location and find out how many people are there currently and chat.

CodeDay St Louis Winter 2017

Hosted at UMSL
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Fallout New Cycle

Not your average post-apocalypse top-down rpg.

Simple Top-Down Shooter

A game made to test some simple functions of construct 2


Bringing free produce to the people

Link vs Ganon

A Link vs Ganondorf game


unity demo

CodeDay Atlanta Winter 2017

Hosted at LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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Roony Bin

There will never be anything like it.

CodeDay ATL Staff

We do stuff!


SnapChat-like app for audio messages that can only be viewed once

5N4K3 T3TR15

A snake and tetris game.


An alarm


It's Tinder but for friends!

Productivity App

The app for your future successful self!


An interactive image-recognition based game


Watch synchronized Youtube videos with your friends.


A time wasting website

CodeDay Eastside Winter 2017

Hosted at T-Mobile Headquarters
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CodeDay Washington Winter 2017

Hosted at TUNE, Inc.
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Bad Job


CodeDay Los Angeles Winter 2017

Hosted at Make in LA
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Photos: James Click



Communist Banana of the Blood God (CBBG) is a game about a communist banana

Rubik's Cube Solver

Solves a Rubik's Cube with Java

BASIC Ti84 Plus CE

I will be making a basic bouncing ball game.

Euler Dungeon

A top down dungeon exploring game featuring Euler paths

Mars Companion

A companion app for the board game Terraforming Mars


A way to Freelance/ help the Neighbors around you.

Coding Knights

What if we did something with Roblox......?


Connects college students looking for Ubers to the airport


Airbnb for Pet


just a little of detail added


Find nearby people wanting to chess


cat clicking


2-D game creation by 2 weird people


Just playing some Minecraft (redstone)

Marriage with Recursion

Literally allows to do things exponentially faster.


Trump tweet generator



The Clicker

The clicker you want to play.

Dynamic Duo

for lolz