CodeDay Bay Area Winter 2018

Hosted at Horizons School of Technology
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Photo Credits: Janet Fang


Drop Game

Short game -- block avoidance


RPG game, based on luck

Portal Snake

Combining portal and snake


Menu filter for food restrictions

Timer App

Unobtrusive timer app


Jeopardy game


Shoot 'em up game, with references to calc


Polling/voting app

Rainy Jazz

Rainy jazz website

Adventure Game

Text based adventure game in Python


An alternative news source.

Women Around the World

Explore women's culture!


2D platformer, made with Java


Political news aggregator


A website to spread awareness

Ball Brothers

Balancing ball game


App that can recognize foods, advising food decisions

Translate You Shall

Yoda speech translator

Board Wars

Scanner based 2D chess game


Easy and free video and audio calling, complete with native test taking to provide a free and accessible class environment to anyone, anywhere.


Calculator app

In Construction

Build your own build your own game game that you must both design and play

Math Integral Calculator

Plots graph and calculates integral


Facial recognition comparison with celebrities

Dinosaur Game

A randomly generated 2D combat game.


Take picture of an ingredient, get recipes

CodeDay Phoenix Winter 2018

Hosted at University of Advancing Technology
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Sleep Simulator

A sleep simulator provided by a sleep deprived employee.


Installing Gentoo

CodeDay Boca Raton Winter 2018

Hosted at DMAC (Digital Media Arts College)
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Solo Player

Doodle Jump Clone with Sonic the Hedgehog

Spoopy House

A game about a spooky house.

Chris Smith

3D Game


History of Japan Construct 2 Game.


Zombie Game


Tip Calculator

CodeDay Nashville Winter 2018

Hosted at Lipscomb University
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The 3 Musketeers

A short and simple pong game.

Lone Wolf

A snake game


A text-based riddle/puzzle game.

Team Samsam

A 3d sword fighting game.


A music player that takes precoded notes and plays a song.

CodeDay Atlanta Winter 2018

Hosted at LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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Photo Credits: Wilson Hobbs



Spam your friends with random texts...

Anime Sprinter

A platform jumped inspired by Parkour Anime

ZomPocalipse Revenge?

A monster murdering, brain splattering, zombie spawning cesspool of code...

Girls Who Pokemon


The Gentleman's Curse

CodeDay Seattle - Downtown Winter 2018

Hosted at Tune Kitchen
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We are making a website that auto-generates titles for images to upload to instagram. We are using the google compute engine to do image recognition to identify items in the image and pick movie references that are related to the image.

Simon and Owen

Music game app

To Do It!

Chrome extension to do list

Do Not Hit Me

An endless game, one screen platformer.

Real Time Chess

We are making chess but it is real time an all the pieces start as pawns. Later on the pieces can combine together to become stronger. We wrote music for it and made it space themed!


A dating simulator written in java

Suggestion Extension~

Suggestion extension for Chrome. It's a chrome extension that gives you suggestions about other things you could buy with your money when you hover over a price. For example, price in terms of other products. Ex. Seventeen spoons to a sandwich!

Alarm Clock Game (X)

We are making an alarm clock that asks you questions to help you wake up in the morning.


Grain contrast

Dash Land

A runner game that's about reflexes and decision making. Dash Land is complete with pixel art made by the group.


Trialangle is a twin stick shooter in which there are three seperate boss characters from which you take missions from bosses to attack other bosses, and gain abilities, all the while changing the balance of power in the region.

Game website

We are making a website where you can play games like chess.

Please Work

Smart walking stick for the blind.

Price Check

We are making an app that checks online stores and calculates the min/avg/max price of items accross all the stores.


2D sidescrolling platformer. Main character is a dog that navigates 5 levels that are themed after different companies. It was made in Python.


Password manager made in Python, HTML/CSS and Javascript (the whole sh-bang!)

Team Beanie

We are making a minimalist note taking app with google authentication and integration. We are making an android app, a webapp, and a backend.

CodeDay Colorado Winter 2018

Hosted at CoSolve
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Linux Haters

We're learning Java and building a text-based game about Linux sucking.

Team Flavio

An awesome, graphical choose-your-adventure game.

The Execodables

An intelligent, automated DJ.

Pink Guinea Pigs

A textual choose-your-adventure game.

Team Z

Experiments with AR.

CodeDay Chicago Winter 2018

Hosted at TechNexus
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Many photos taken by Ora Interactive.



Sentence to password generator


Use machine learning to optimize photo filters

Make it Happen

Public fundraising through public events

n-body physics

Using newtonian physics for orbital mechanics


An online scavenger hunt


A chrome extension that can automatically detect bias in news articles


A brickyard game

Tower Defense

Tower defense game made in Java

Project Influenza

Be aware. Know your symptoms. Helping society one flu-shot at a time.


Pictionary plus quizlet


A python-based cryptocurrency made from scratch in 24 hours


Aggregate data to find peak engagement times on various social media platforms


A space themed choose your own adventure game


Malware to remotely access a target's computer


Reflex race game

Just Robert

Meetup coordination app

CodeDay Minneapolis Winter 2018

Hosted at SPS Commerce
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Daily Challenges

Receive a challenge for your daily work.

Server Defense

A Python-based game where you defend your server from enemies and also attack other servers.


.io-format Tetris game!

Hunter of the Unkown

Text-based adventure game where you solve mysteries.


The game of a lifetime!


Spinning the wheel produces positive results.

The Dungeon

RPG boss fighting game

Arthur Brothers

It's Mario but with Arthur!


Quest to Kill the Devil

Trolling Game

Planetary Warfare

You're fighting entire planets

CodeDay DC Winter 2018

Hosted at Launch Workplace Gaithersburg
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Photo Credit: George & Lili Jiang



Making a Discord bot for potential local school late opening/school cancellations due to weather conditions.


A Mafia game online


A classic game of avoiding obstacles in a speed run.


I’m making a calculator that can only multiply and divide two numbers


We are making a platform game, Scynth run.

Wootton Nunez

A report card generator


Political action website for engaged citizens.


Mini game of guessing game


We are making a tourist website with interactive games.


A 3 question quiz, with interestingly illogical flows

KS Mom of 3

We’re making an audio visualizer for fun

Lame Kids

An app that provides a formula sheet and a calculator for math.

CodeDay Los Angeles Winter 2018

Hosted at Hub101
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Burbank high CSC

a "ketchapp"-esq game

Glendora Development Club

A voice controlled personal assistant that has an audio visualizer, weather display, and todo-list.

the glasses team

a virtual mad-libs program

Hot Sauce

2D side scrolling game, depicting Elon Musk's spaceman's journey to fulfill his destiny.


A cardboard virtual reality game where you are aboard an airship and have to shoot other airships by manning the wheel/cannons.


A python program that automates the dnd 5e sheet process

Irrational Cards

Card Based RPG

Meme Dream Team

Build your own ultimate final boss tank and defeat the magical girl with ninja bees and BBQ sauce. Satisfaction not guaranteed.


A new app to meet and talk to new people, anonymously.

Hardy-Weinberg simulator

A Hardy-Weinberg Simulator. It basically tracks the gene pool of a population.

Long Way Home

Long Way Home is the story of Moon-Bot and Astro, a robot and dog duo lost in space. They have a mission to return to Earth safe and sound.


a simple web app

Just Food

Solving 1st World Food Problems (Actually making an app for students to order food at my school)


Making a horror-mystery-murder-romance-adventure sim.

The Losers

Two brief mini games that are cool

Six Asians

A big game

Upfront Solo Dev

Real-time strategy game with ship building and heavy customization

Chem Peasants

A program that calculates molar mass by itself

CodeDay Seattle - Eastside Winter 2018

Hosted at eBay @ One Bellevue Center
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Don't sleep

The Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies!

A VR Video Game

Secret Santa

Program to manage secret Santa gifts


Air drumming with phones


An 8-bit story game


Random raffle winner picker

Me, Myself & I

eCommerce drop shipping website

Spiky Metal Dragons

A megaman ripoff with buff dudes

Extremely, immensely, very real code

A professional(ish) website

Unpeeled Orange Studios

Top-Down PVE and PVP

CodeDay Bloomington-Normal Winter 2018

Hosted at Illinois Wesleyan University
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Photo credit: Tom Paulus



Tank game

HMS Smart Tech

We are making an app to test the player's knowledge with our new trivia app.

Keeping up with the Food Junkies

Restaurant suggestion generator.

AZN Squad

Braintrainer. It's a game, in the name!

The G.O.A.T.

Can Bill Gates survive the screaming goat??

Billy Gates Run

Billy Gate Run is a mission gamer where you have to collect parts for a time machine.

Auto Coders

Game inspired by 'Knight Rider'

Elephant Game

Live the adventure of an elephant

Coders STSN

Fun trivia app with problems, riddles and much more!

Log Riders

Log fighting strategy game.


Creating dubstep music using Earsketch.

Clan Plan

A group event planner.

War of Kings

Thrilling combination of the classic games 'War' and 'Chess'

CodeDay Toronto Winter 2018

Hosted at SPS Commerce
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Photo credit: Victor (SRND), Jason Montgomery (SPS), Andrew Judd (SPS)



A game where you guess the magic word.


A fun game where a stick man jumps on obstacles in mid-air!


A tapping mobile app with an environmental incentive. We intend to donate all our profits gained through our app for planting trees.

To-Do List

My first Java program! :)