CodeDay Phoenix Winter 2020

Hosted at Phoenix College
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Phoenix Winter 2020 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

What They Made

Human Human Coders

A scroller RPG in which a man raised by wolves who wears a wolf costume decides to run for mayor of a town in which the residents, too, were raised by wolves and everyone wears a wolf costume. Sophie Boonnnem Asher Nixon Kina Connor-Ortiz Gavin Gla

Terrance Liddle

A 3D platform game in which the player’s soul in trapped inside a robot. They have no memories and must piece together their past by finding artifacts throughout the game.

QR 2.0

An offline first QR code that stores images instead of text. Saketh Pabolu Parker Storm


2D side scroller


2d platformer with special blocks


A platformer that subtly spread awareness about drugs


A simulator that includes multiplying bubbles, a cheap pen, an alternate universe, aliens and astronauts. Steaphean Williams Caitlin Martinez Gerardo Ramirez

Ben C.


Phillip Nielsen

Platform game called Furry Foot Jump in which the player jumps onto different platforms until finally reaching a furry hand at the end of the run.


A website for a two-story nightclub that caters to 16 to 21-year-olds. Brandon C. Kaitlyn C.


A visual novel in which a iguana encounters everything from a rat boy genius to Freddie Mercury. Ashana McQuirter Adelaida Moreno Trinity Coronado Garret G.

Maxim Ausloss

Chat client using

Alan Is Cool

A 2D scrolling game in which a ghost shoots missile to kill monsters, similar in style to the classic Galactica. Lilly Brandt Joshua “Doug” Iturbe Gilberto Cordova Alan Aaaujon-Johnson Mario Montes

Wyatt Summerville

A 2D puzzle platform game

You Got Us There

A virtual reality platformer game in which projectiles thrown by the player kill whatever they hit and cause the thrower to teleport to wherever the projectile goes. Brian Zulch Nishanth Pallapu Niko Vitistas


A 2d platform side scroller games that brings awareness to schizophrenia by having players differentiate between reality and hallucinations. Jose Costales Alma Orozco Jaime Munoz Bruce LeBon Luis Perez


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