Mine Squad

A heroic text adventure

Shades of Day

An action RPG video game. Features dynamic elements. (Gamemaker Studio)

Jumping Game

Tiny man jumps over obstacles

Meme destoryer

2d shooting side scroller

This or That

Decision based game

MAGA 2016

A collection of fun games centered around 2016 presidential candidates.

Learning Rigging/Unreal

Either creating an autorigging script or learning Unreal Engine. Or both.


I challenging game for the mind.

s͌̐ͤªd ̄̾bͣo̒̌̇iͯsͯ 2002™

We have nearly no idea what we are doing.


The Cool Kids


The TechTouch app connects students to local computer companies in Florida.

Dads and Lads

Absolute Legends


Something to do with web desing possibly expanding into electron

Cool Potato Dudes

Here comes dat boi

Jumping Game

Tiny ball that jump...or fall.

Project PGP

Generate private and public PGP codes online using Javascript.