CodeDay Bellevue Fall 2018

Hosted at Coding Dojo Seattle
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Bellevue Fall 2018 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

What They Made

Code Monkeys

Website that finds and sources happy, motivational, and uplifting things.

Zombie Mania

Zombie Survival game where you try to survive as long as possible.

The Mighty Pterodactyls

A fast pitch baseball cage simulator.


Game where you make sure your food is good.

The Powerpuff Bois

Fast paced top down shooter game.


Code Breaker game.

I Don't Know

Shoot zombies and survive as long as possible.


Chat Bot for victims of sexual assault


Converts quizlets to kahoots.

Team String Arrays

Goes through Instagram posts and captions and see likelihood of a school shooter.

The Lost Portals

Parkour explorer game on Roblox.

Freezing Turtles 54

Infinite shooter and survival game based on the 4 elements.

Team Consumable

Use text image recognition on an ingredients label to see if you can still eat the item.

Team Rocket

Centralizing Blockchain

2 useless sound apps and offline multiplayer Dino Run.


App and Website for Student Carpooling

The No Names

Endless obstacle game.

Cloud Parking

App that rents out car parking spots.

Team Alpha

3D gravity platformer game.


Simplified version of the game Diablo, ARPG, stay alive as long as possible, upgrade spells by killing monsters.


VR Puzzle/Maze game


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