CodeDay Dallas Fall 2018

Hosted at NōD Coworking

Hi CodeDay Dallas coders, parents, and volunteers,

We had an exceptional instance of CodeDay this season, seeing new areas of creative focus and expanding our landscape into a more full perspective of software development.

I was impressed with every single student that attended. From the first time CodeDay attendees to the experienced teams and individuals, each student contributed something meaningful to their teams.

This group was exceptionally diverse in skill sets and we really matured with the great examples of work performed.

One of the important details that I did not get to share, due to running a bit over on time, is that all of the teams were within 1-3 points of each other, out of a possible 25. This really speaks to the well-rounded effort that our teams displayed.

In the past, we’ve seen some teams focus entirely on code mechanics while spending little to no time on planning, presentations, or purpose. This CodeDay was full of teams that had it all! Really impressive and something we want to see in future events.

Some volunteers really went the extra mile, including Linda Vixaisack, Jeremy Blosser, and Diane Dhabolt who stayed all night to ensure everyone was happy and healthy. Your help was greatly appreciated!

Our next event is likely to be at T-Mobile and we’re going to have a workshop to review project plan creation. As we introduce project plans to team projects, we’ll be able to execute and judge more efficiently. This enables more time spent on building and achieving completion.

In the next week, I’ll be sending out individual surveys to everyone who registered. This survey will provide valuable feedback so we can improve the experience and iterate more effectively.

Thanks, everyone for participating at CodeDay Dallas. See ya next time!


What They Made

Team Unity

Augmented Reality


Escape game


GameMaker Studio Fantasy


Saving grandmas through gaming!


Augmented reality


Minecraft LUA

Pied Piper

Enhanced flash card creation app.


GameMaker Studio advanced controller

Photos At The Event


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