CodeDay Indianapolis Fall 2018

Hosted at Kenzie Academy

This season, CodeDay Indianapolis Fall 2018 made history by being among the first events of its kind to ever be organized in Indiana. Thank you. Thank you to our attendees, who brought a fiery passion and a vibrant energy to the event. Thank you to our sponsors (including our venue sponsor, Kenzie Academy!); this event could not have happened without your support. Thank you to our mentors and volunteers who helped our attendees make awesome projects. CodeDay Indianapolis was so much fun, and it's all thanks to you. See you next season!

What They Made

Harder PacMan+Space Invaders

Two classic games recreated in Construct 3 that use unconventional physics to make them much harder


A platformer + first person shooter in Unity

AI eyeBot

An AI program for amputees that allows you to use your eyes to control your computer


A cryptocurrency and platform for 21st century hustlers; Bitconnect parody

Photos At The Event


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