CodeDay Richmond VA Fall 2019

Hosted at VCU College Of Engineering - East Hall
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Photos: Dominic Dao, Cora Lewis, and Holly Stephens


Hype beast

Monster shooting game

Team name

Platform game


Java project



Better than your team name


The creed of moders

Possible Mario game


War game


My hero crisis crisis


Makeup mania game

Jet Black Wing

Animation and game

Anime fighters

Anime fighting game



Team Gabin

Text based rpg


Doll dress up game


Platformer game


Whack a mole game


RPG game


CodeDay Bloomington-Normal Fall 2019

Hosted at Illinois Wesleyan University
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maze warrior

maze warrior is a game that you go through a maze


Maze and more sequels to it.

Team Name

A spaceship shooter

Athletes in training

Basketball shooting game

Team Platformer?

Anime Platformer that has 2 levels


Key word identification implementation.

apple fall

apples are falling and you have to catch them.

Dew vs. TV

Rage game

Panda Express Orange Chicken

unnamed rpg game

General Gaming

Swerve to live

CodeDay Phoenix Fall 2019

Hosted at University of Advancing Technology
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Custom-coded advanced calculator

Mr. Explosion

A mischievous fox enjoys using dynamite to blow up everything from castles to random people in this game.

Julianna Vargas

Vibe check with a random funny website navigator

TensorFlow and Neural Networks

Exploring TensorFlow and AWS SageMaker to experiment with neural networks

Discord Death Bot

A chat bot that interrupts chat conversations with an automated meme.

Liberty or Death

(Kaitlyn Martinez)

Rat’s Nest

In this psychological horror game players are forced to make moral (or immoral) decisions while stripped of the ability to discriminate due to gender neutrality and grayscale color schemes.

Joey Ciccarelli

Taught himself how to do animation by creating a running character.

The Boiz

Simulation on how two people met

Obby Busters

A competitive obstacle course game designed in Robeblox Studios.

Maxim A

Peas In ‘Da Pod

A top-down RPG with pathfinding AI.


Toast ejected from a toaster becomes ammo against malicious jars of jam and peanut butter in NanoToast, a playful take on a traditional shooter game.

Johan Carrion

Running a Squid web proxy server on a Rasberry Pi which maximizes the use of a low- bandwidth connection.

David Bonilla

Developing a business building game in which one defends their burgeoning enterprise against attacks from competing businesses that include destruction of property and corporate espionage.

Jack Taylor

Using Unity to explore lighting in games.


Multiplayer battle game called On ice in which players battle each other and time as polar bears on a melting ice cap.

Travis Begody

A 2d fighting game called Medieval Royale.

Sleep Buzzz

An app that notifies public transportation users when they are near their stop to avoid missing it due to sleep or distraction.


3D FPS with some great memes


A crane navigates several platforms – including invisible ones – in this Orakami platformer.

Wyatt Summerville

2D Platformer - control the orb and interact with your environment

A Magical Something

A visual novel in which a brother cares for his sister but the player’s choices determines the nature of the sibling’s relationship.

Ben Ciccarelli

A SageMaker deep machine learning AI chat bot.


Squid and a Raspberry Pi

CodeDay Bellevue Fall 2019

Hosted at Coding Dojo Seattle
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a discord bot that text to screams text at users in the voice channel

Team Alpha

Illumo - An online multiplayer party game where the goal is to be the last one standing

vape log

A web app helping people wean off of nicotine devices based on personal goals. Like a dieting app for nicotine!


Horror mystery game where one explores a mansion and has to gather artifacts along the way to escape in a creepy environment.

Nerds United

We made a circle that wen't in three directions, until 15 minutes ago when we wrote the other direction.


A website that shows people who are interested or curious in CS what they can do in the field.


An online multiplayer escape room game that blends VR with traditional gaming.

Bearly Functional

An app to help the color blind identify colors.

An iOS application that implements machine learning to detect distracted driving.

Untitled 1

Real-life computer aided game that tracks your reflexes using Python and OpenCV

Evgeny's leak detector

a early leak detector


an app to help you study by taking practice tests

I Don't Know

Troll escape room seems normal but not

Team Jaegers

infinite pve arena game

The Four Musketeers

Spooky Vill - A VR horror adventure game that explores a wilderness filled with monsters.

CodeDay Atlanta Fall 2019

Hosted at LexisNexis Risk Solutions
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Mario-simulator plumbing game


Day-in-the-life of a zombie


Platformer game where a chicken saves his love, a frog


Textbook to Quizlet converter

Chair Voltaire

Calculator that sometimes solves the problem incorrectly

Elevator Pitch

Tinder for ideas


Data visualization using Google Maps API


ARTificial learning model


Talking calculator

CodeDay New York Fall 2019

Hosted at MakerBot HQ
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A bullet hell

Gold Diggers

Space Invaders-like 2D game


Chair jumping platformer

Fat Pigs

First person shooter

Mage Studios

2D ability-based platformer


A text-based adventure game using Python about pharmaceuticals and insurance companies


2D fighting game


3D psychological horror game


Simple Java game

CodeDay Los Angeles Fall 2019

Hosted at Hub101
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Photo Credit: Polo Delos Santos, Bryce Tobiano


Melon Hell

A hackable website.

Nitsa, Lucia

An app that helps with peoples texting skils


An app that helps improve memory for people with alzheimers or dementia


2D Tank Shooter


Pick Up Line Generator


operating system that can be used to make operating systems


Digital Tutoring app specific to your school.

Jack, Joey, Ruth

A web app that tracks the amount of lead of water in an area using a heat map

Neon Lucksio

An app that creates electronic business cards


A game where a goat eats shrubs before they turn on fire

blackford's boyz

where's waldo with a twist


Stock Investing Text Game

MM Inc.

Dodge Betty and Madison's land of creates

Alex, Sweeny, Dylan, and Vivian

A platform game with unity.


Dodge ball game in Scratch.

GG olden ears

A time based card game

CodeDay Kenya Fall 2019

Hosted at CROPNUTS (Crop Nutrition Laboratory Services Ltd)
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CodeDay DC Fall 2019

Hosted at VSE @ George Mason University
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Photo Credit: Mingjie Jiang, Larissa Tsai, Michelle Shen, Vincent La, Brian Xiang, Lili Jiang, Alexander Zheng


Phat Bees

We're making a website!

Team Pathfinder

We’re making a Program that finds the quickest path to rooms in school; in school routing.

Mikhail (TBD)


We're making a grammar scanner program!


I'm making a watermelon clicker game!

I <3 park

We’re making a game about the war between llamas and crabs

AP Biology

I'm writing a lecture about cellular respiration and photosynthesis!


I'm making a platforming game!

Survival of the highest caloric count

We’re making a platforming game.


We’re making a game.

The Bill Clintons

I'm making an academic website


I'm making a website!

Seattle xXDragonsxX

We’re making a research app.

4 Bois

We're making a good deed tracker!

3 Blind Dolphins

We’re making an app that allows users to compare bobas.

Demonic by Dawn

We’re making a pig-themed bullet hell.


I'm making a college admission chances calculator!


We’re making a glitch aesthetic bullet hell.


I'm making an object identifier app!

Grep Squad

We're making a website that predicts AP scores!


I’m making an app that helps elementary school students get into music.


A website to occupy one when they are procrastinating. With pickles.

Yayes Tech Lab

We're making a frisbee throwing game!

Program Besties

We're making a Star pong game!


We’re making a pop up virus that steals people’s information willingly.


We're making a website!

Team Crib

We’re making a text RPG game!

CodeDay Bay Area Fall 2019

Hosted at Make School
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ASCII - Daniel, Kyle, Spencer

A program where images are translated into symbols.

Adventure Time - Mira, Amanda, Ashley, Vinu

A horror story walkthrough adventure game.

Maze - Rylee, Keshav, Alex

A game intended to test player's reaction time.

41 - Kentaro, JJ, Sa'ar, Nami

A game where AI becomes sentient and player tries to stop it.

IDentity - Ilya, Jason, Kristy

A web application that aims to help disabled people locate certain places.

e^2 - Karen, Stephanie

A Chrome extension that incorporates NLP to emotionally assess an article.

PoliHub - Saborni, Sabrina, Arianna

A website that serves as a political guide during elections.

Beach Cleanup - Andy

A Java game about picking up trash.

EnviZion - Jennifer, Maggie, Winnie, Ivy, Amanda, Rachel

A college research application.

Rivet - Jonah

A text-stream searcher that uses regular expressions.

Recycle101 - Jinda, Jinxin, Kuma, Jenny

A website that shares categorized recycle knowledge.

CodeDay San Diego Fall 2019

Hosted at NEST CoWork
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a program that spams a phone number


A basic python music player using tkinter and python

Finding A California Raisin

An Animation about fighting a California raisin

We made a voice transcribing app and speakers seperization website.


Playlist converter from Spotify to YouTube


Augmented Reality laser tagging


A game where you try to set up a boba shop