CodeDay Bellevue Fall 2019

Hosted at Coding Dojo Seattle

Thank you to Coding Dojo for providing us a space to host CodeDay Fall 2019. I hope to see you all again soon In February at T-Mobile!

Congrats to the following teams for their work!

Best in Show -
Best Game - The Four Musketeers
Best App - Evgeny's leak detector
Special Prize (Professional
Perseverance) - Bearly Functional
Special Prize (Most Noble) - Vape Log

What They Made


a discord bot that text to screams text at users in the voice channel

Team Alpha

Illumo - An online multiplayer party game where the goal is to be the last one standing

vape log

A web app helping people wean off of nicotine devices based on personal goals. Like a dieting app for nicotine!


Horror mystery game where one explores a mansion and has to gather artifacts along the way to escape in a creepy environment.

Nerds United

We made a circle that wen't in three directions, until 15 minutes ago when we wrote the other direction.


A website that shows people who are interested or curious in CS what they can do in the field.


An online multiplayer escape room game that blends VR with traditional gaming.

Bearly Functional

An app to help the color blind identify colors.

An iOS application that implements machine learning to detect distracted driving.

Untitled 1

Real-life computer aided game that tracks your reflexes using Python and OpenCV

Evgeny's leak detector

a early leak detector


an app to help you study by taking practice tests

I Don't Know

Troll escape room seems normal but not

Team Jaegers

infinite pve arena game

The Four Musketeers

Spooky Vill - A VR horror adventure game that explores a wilderness filled with monsters.


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