CodeDay DC Fall 2019

Hosted at VSE @ George Mason University
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay DC Fall 2019 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

Photo Credit: Mingjie Jiang, Larissa Tsai, Michelle Shen, Vincent La, Brian Xiang, Lili Jiang, Alexander Zheng

What They Made

Phat Bees

We're making a website!

Team Pathfinder

We’re making a Program that finds the quickest path to rooms in school; in school routing.

Mikhail (TBD)


We're making a grammar scanner program!


I'm making a watermelon clicker game!

I <3 park

We’re making a game about the war between llamas and crabs

AP Biology

I'm writing a lecture about cellular respiration and photosynthesis!


I'm making a platforming game!

Survival of the highest caloric count

We’re making a platforming game.


We’re making a game.

The Bill Clintons

I'm making an academic website


I'm making a website!

Seattle xXDragonsxX

We’re making a research app.

4 Bois

We're making a good deed tracker!

3 Blind Dolphins

We’re making an app that allows users to compare bobas.

Demonic by Dawn

We’re making a pig-themed bullet hell.


I'm making a college admission chances calculator!


We’re making a glitch aesthetic bullet hell.


I'm making an object identifier app!

Grep Squad

We're making a website that predicts AP scores!


I’m making an app that helps elementary school students get into music.


A website to occupy one when they are procrastinating. With pickles.

Yayes Tech Lab

We're making a frisbee throwing game!

Program Besties

We're making a Star pong game!


We’re making a pop up virus that steals people’s information willingly.


We're making a website!

Team Crib

We’re making a text RPG game!

Photos At The Event


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