CodeDay Los Angeles Fall 2019

Hosted at Hub101
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Los Angeles Fall 2019 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

Photo Credit: Polo Delos Santos, Bryce Tobiano

What They Made

Melon Hell

A hackable website.

Nitsa, Lucia

An app that helps with peoples texting skils


An app that helps improve memory for people with alzheimers or dementia


2D Tank Shooter


Pick Up Line Generator


operating system that can be used to make operating systems


Digital Tutoring app specific to your school.

Jack, Joey, Ruth

A web app that tracks the amount of lead of water in an area using a heat map

Neon Lucksio

An app that creates electronic business cards


A game where a goat eats shrubs before they turn on fire

blackford's boyz

where's waldo with a twist


Stock Investing Text Game

MM Inc.

Dodge Betty and Madison's land of creates

Alex, Sweeny, Dylan, and Vivian

A platform game with unity.


Dodge ball game in Scratch.

GG olden ears

A time based card game

Photos At The Event


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