CodeDay Seattle Eastside June 2018

Hosted at T-Mobile Headquarters
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Flashcards for Alexa.


3D asteroids game (with multiplayer PVP).

Lab Games

A mobile game about jumping on platforms infinitely.

One Man Army

Aerial battle simulator in Unity 3D.

Theobald Nikolina

A 2D shooter for 1v1.


Dungeons and Dragons DM simulator.


A platformer in a magical jungle.


Spaceteam-inspired classroom quiz game.

Los Unicorn

A tapping game where you flip a cube.

Color Dash

A new creative take on VR puzzle/platformers.

Not Brothers

A game about a tropical island.


A reporting system for mass crime.

Frontline Carriers

An app to reserve a table in a restaurant.

Bad Code

Choose your own adventure.

The Pixels

Tiny little video games.

Distance Crew

A stock visualization app called Paper Shares.

Home Away from Home

An app that allows people to carpool from school to home for holidays.


A website that allows entrepreneurs and inventors to make deals using blockchain.

404 Brain Not Found

Sign language recognition service.

MALLET monkeys

Topic analyzing library.

The Independent

Parkour game.

The Artificial Flavor

Adventure game.


A textbook buying/selling platform for college students.

Just Whatever

A sidescroller / an image encryption thing.