CodeDay Bay Area May 2018

Hosted at ThoughtWorks, Inc.
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Bay Area May 2018 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

Photo Credits: Janet Fang, Forrest Leung, Eileen Yang

What They Made


Chandan P An HTML webpage about a burger house menu.

AmadorGDC (Dual Rhythm)

Jeremy L, Benjamin N, Paul A, Clara R, Jae C A split-screen rhythm game.

Team Okay

Sharon L, Jing Y, Sam T We're making a money tracker website that helps users budget and save up for something so that they spend rationally.

Green Foot Systems

Abhi V, Darren D, Arjun M, Jinu J, Pranav V Green Foot calculates your carbon emissions for the year and gives you a score based relative to these categories.

Facial Roll Call

Mitchell W, Mark L We use facial recognition to make roll calls more efficient.

Rogue Food

Desmond K, Daniel D A procedurally generated rogue-like game about food.

Robot Game

Krishna R Robot Game is a game where the player must click on bots to get the highest score.

Job Search

Weibo Y, Jasper H Job Search uses an algorithm to show the users' interests in jobs.

Team Foothill

Timothy D, Randy K, NIck C, Brandon S, Jacob P, Bryan H A 2-D card game where you face off against monsters.


Luke C, Gabriel D, JP Zeng, Aaron H, Ryan K, Shannon Y A Facebook Messenger bot that has location-based customer service support.


Jeanelle T, Kriselle T A website to help people learn more about chemistry and properties of common molecules.

Photos At The Event


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