CodeDay Minneapolis Winter 2018

Hosted at SPS Commerce
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Daily Challenges

Receive a challenge for your daily work.

Server Defense

A Python-based game where you defend your server from enemies and also attack other servers.


.io-format Tetris game!

Hunter of the Unkown

Text-based adventure game where you solve mysteries.


The game of a lifetime!


Spinning the wheel produces positive results.

The Dungeon

RPG boss fighting game

Arthur Brothers

It's Mario but with Arthur!


Quest to Kill the Devil

Trolling Game

Planetary Warfare

You're fighting entire planets

CodeDay Minneapolis Fall 2017

Hosted at Clockwork
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Cave Chess

Mineshaft Explorer

Simple platformer

Find, Search, and Destroy

Pi Production Management

Fitness Miku

Legends of Memes

Atari Breakout

CodeDay Minneapolis Spring 2017

Hosted at The Commons - An Uncommon Workplace
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Haunted Maze


Reaching new levels of immersion for rhythm games.



Starfighter remake


CodeDay Minneapolis Winter 2017

Hosted at SPS Commerce
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Knightmare "Take 2"

A bullet hell survival platformer using skeletal sprites/animations

Space Dungeon

it is sorta a dungeon maze thing in space

Centrifugal forces

A game based around the idea of gravity in a spinning cylinder

Game Decay

A game where you go level to level, racing a virus decaying the map.

Maddie Kelly

Help the hamster get his carrots before the cat catches him



Darwin's Doodles

Teaching doodles to walk from a drawing to an evolving neural network

OW Street Fighter

street fighter but overwatch

CodeDay Minneapolis Fall 2016

Hosted at Be The Match
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Unity game.

Some 2d game in unity

Military Flip Card App

Needed to help memorize military rank and structure.


Only allows you to upload toast images

Minneapolis CTF Team

Team for Capture the Flag

OG Nomèkop

¡Dlofnu ot tuoba si erutnevda nomèkop nwo yrev ruoy!

Centrifugal Force

3D game

Monster Slayer

Top-Bottom Shooter made with Construct 2

Multiplayer Tetris

Multiplayer Tetris


Multiplayer machine creation and dogfighting game, in your browser!

Best Project Ever

Twitter Feed of top 20 users from a topic


"simple" dodging game


2D Sidescrolller Bullet Hell... or at least the controls for one.