CodeDay Bay Area Spring 2019

Hosted at Make School
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Bay Area Spring 2019 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

Photo Credits: Janet Fang, Michael Vien

What They Made

PengPong - Tianyi, Lily, Amy

A cute penguin-themed pong game to raise awareness about endangered penguins.

Blackjack - Ansel

A blackjack game created using Python.

GamerAlarm - Zitao, Yongkang

A alarm that helps gamers control their play time using Java.

Ascent - Graydon, Praveen, Neil

A grade calculator app.

NaviMe - Vivek, Karen

A small scale navigation guide using object detection and image classification.

Book DataBase - Justin, Sidharth, Tiven

Made a database to store books with Python for learning experience.

Sudoku Solver - Barish, Sören

A simple tool to solve any standard sudoku board

beefcake - Pranav, Reetinav, Abhishek

A website that teaches you how to play Blackjack and after that you can play the game on that site.

GarageSale - Kevin, Wesley, Jack, Alec

App that analyzes pictures and provides prices using machine learning and cloud platform.

Survival of the Fittest - Amandip

Text-based survival game that changes as you go on.

sosBots - Taylor, Jad

ESPN type app.

HuevoJuego - Yolanna, Daniel, Rylee

An idle and typing game hybrid.

mealMADE - Millika, Esha, Vivian

Website that generates recipes based on inputted list of ingredients.

To Duel-ist - Julian, JJ, Nami, Nico

Floppy sword fighting game

Photos At The Event


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