CodeDay Boca Raton Winter 2017

Hosted at DMAC (Digital Media Arts College)
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Boca Raton Winter 2017 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

What They Made

The Forbidden Fight

a two player local mutiplayer


A video game. An arcade side-scrolling top-down spaceship shooter.

In 24 Hours

A short visual novel about making a visual novel within 24 hours.


Poorly Articulated and Programmed Reticulate (Of Bullets). Fast-Paced&Hard.

Adventure Game

Text based adventure game coded with Python.

Timbs Quest

A platform bullet hell/ melee game, in which users control Siegward


unfinished platform on a parody of the game overwatch

Tic Tac Toe and GearMaker

Scripts made in Autodesk Maya with Python


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