CodeDay Bloomington-Normal Winter 2018

Hosted at Illinois Wesleyan University

Thank you to State Farm for making the first CodeDay Bloomington-Normal possible, Illinois Wesleyan University for hosting, and all the CodeDay participatnts for making great apps and games!

Photo credit: Tom Paulus

What They Made


Tank game

HMS Smart Tech

We are making an app to test the player's knowledge with our new trivia app.

Keeping up with the Food Junkies

Restaurant suggestion generator.

AZN Squad

Braintrainer. It's a game, in the name!

The G.O.A.T.

Can Bill Gates survive the screaming goat??

Billy Gates Run

Billy Gate Run is a mission gamer where you have to collect parts for a time machine.

Auto Coders

Game inspired by 'Knight Rider'

Elephant Game

Live the adventure of an elephant

Coders STSN

Fun trivia app with problems, riddles and much more!

Log Riders

Log fighting strategy game.


Creating dubstep music using Earsketch.

Clan Plan

A group event planner.

War of Kings

Thrilling combination of the classic games 'War' and 'Chess'

Photos At The Event


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