CodeDay Los Angeles Winter 2018

Hosted at Hub101
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Los Angeles Winter 2018 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

What They Made

Burbank high CSC

a "ketchapp"-esq game

Glendora Development Club

A voice controlled personal assistant that has an audio visualizer, weather display, and todo-list.

the glasses team

a virtual mad-libs program

Hot Sauce

2D side scrolling game, depicting Elon Musk's spaceman's journey to fulfill his destiny.


A cardboard virtual reality game where you are aboard an airship and have to shoot other airships by manning the wheel/cannons.


A python program that automates the dnd 5e sheet process

Irrational Cards

Card Based RPG

Meme Dream Team

Build your own ultimate final boss tank and defeat the magical girl with ninja bees and BBQ sauce. Satisfaction not guaranteed.


A new app to meet and talk to new people, anonymously.

Hardy-Weinberg simulator

A Hardy-Weinberg Simulator. It basically tracks the gene pool of a population.

Long Way Home

Long Way Home is the story of Moon-Bot and Astro, a robot and dog duo lost in space. They have a mission to return to Earth safe and sound.


a simple web app

Just Food

Solving 1st World Food Problems (Actually making an app for students to order food at my school)


Making a horror-mystery-murder-romance-adventure sim.

The Losers

Two brief mini games that are cool

Six Asians

A big game

Upfront Solo Dev

Real-time strategy game with ship building and heavy customization

Chem Peasants

A program that calculates molar mass by itself

Photos At The Event


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