CodeDay Seattle - Downtown Winter 2018

Hosted at Tune Kitchen
Thanks to our sponsors, and all the participants who made CodeDay Seattle - Downtown Winter 2018 so much fun! We'll see you at the next one!

What They Made


We are making a website that auto-generates titles for images to upload to instagram. We are using the google compute engine to do image recognition to identify items in the image and pick movie references that are related to the image.

Simon and Owen

Music game app

To Do It!

Chrome extension to do list

Do Not Hit Me

An endless game, one screen platformer.

Real Time Chess

We are making chess but it is real time an all the pieces start as pawns. Later on the pieces can combine together to become stronger. We wrote music for it and made it space themed!


A dating simulator written in java

Suggestion Extension~

Suggestion extension for Chrome. It's a chrome extension that gives you suggestions about other things you could buy with your money when you hover over a price. For example, price in terms of other products. Ex. Seventeen spoons to a sandwich!

Alarm Clock Game (X)

We are making an alarm clock that asks you questions to help you wake up in the morning.


Grain contrast

Dash Land

A runner game that's about reflexes and decision making. Dash Land is complete with pixel art made by the group.


Trialangle is a twin stick shooter in which there are three seperate boss characters from which you take missions from bosses to attack other bosses, and gain abilities, all the while changing the balance of power in the region.

Game website

We are making a website where you can play games like chess.

Please Work

Smart walking stick for the blind.

Price Check

We are making an app that checks online stores and calculates the min/avg/max price of items accross all the stores.


2D sidescrolling platformer. Main character is a dog that navigates 5 levels that are themed after different companies. It was made in Python.


Password manager made in Python, HTML/CSS and Javascript (the whole sh-bang!)

Team Beanie

We are making a minimalist note taking app with google authentication and integration. We are making an android app, a webapp, and a backend.

Photos At The Event


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