CodeDay Toronto Winter 2018

Hosted at SPS Commerce

O’ Canada! Our first international CodeDay (ever) was a CodeDay to remember.

It’s always amazing to see what students can create when they come together and share their passion for technology. This past CodeDay Toronto in Brampton was no exception.

Middle school, high school, secondary school, and college students from across the GTA came together to build cool apps and games. Some came as far as 3 hours away!

A special thanks to our partners at Hack Club for helping us reach out to the community, SPS Commerce for being an such an amazing host, our wonderful volunteers judges, mentors, and most importantly our amazing sponsors that make this event possible: Splunk, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, SAP, and SPS Commerce.

We hope you enjoyed CodeDay Toronto as much we’ve spent the time and effort into organizing it. Below is a recap written by one of our lead evangelists Victor. ?

The Writeup

This season, CodeDay Toronto was hosted at SPS Commerence, right across the street from the Bramalea City Centre Mall. We started the event with a fun rock-paper-scissors tournament. ✂️

Lunch was provided by Ontario's own Pizza Pizza. ? ?

As CodeDay kicked off, everyone came together for a group brainstorming session. Everyone had a chance to pitch a few ideas for what they want to created, here were some of the more notable ideas that never got built:

  • Anti-gravity button
  • CodeDay simulator
  • Distracted driving app

Attendees then proceeded to form teams around the ideas that thought were the coolest, and these teams spent the next 24 hours building that idea! ?

Throughout the afternoon, we hosted a number workshops geared towards beginners and students who want to sharpen their skills, and and in the process we learned a lot from each other. If you missed a workshop or interested in diving in a little deeper into a topic, these are all available online! Click the workshop title for a link:

We ran into an interesting linguistic challenge with both of the workshops. Canadians spell it colour, but it turns out that most major programming languages are developed in the United States, so it must be spelled color. CSS does not accept the spelling of colour, so it must be emphasized that American spelling should be used for code when possible.

Our mentors were floating around to assist with workshops and show students how to bring their ideas to life. ⚡️

For dinner, we had submarine sandwiches from Subway. ?

Later that night, we hosted a Mariokart tournament on the Nintendo Switch and played a couple rounds of ice hock in the Game Room.

We also got a chance to compete in CodeCup. It’s an international online capture-the-flag competition which happens at each CodeDay. EVERYONE gathered in the conference room to compete in CodeCup. CodeDay Toronto briefly held 1st place title for 5 minutes, but we ultimately finished in 3rd place. We beat the SPS sister office hosting CodeDay Minneapolis (also former champions) by 10 points!

Most of us were hard work throughout the evening building out their games, apps, and websites. ?

Some of us even got a chance to hang out with attendees from other CodeDays across the world — including Phoenix, Minneapolis, and San Francisco Bay Area. ?

Around midnight, there were ice cream and ice cream floats. It was fun playing with cans of whipped cream!

Beyond midnight, some of us were still awake clearly focusing on getting their projects done. (Well, mostly haha.) Fedor in particular helped a team build their first Android app. ?

At 2am, we met up with an SPS engineer from Australia to talk about careers in programming.

By the time morning rolled around, bagels, cream cheese, and fresh fruit for breakfast. As breakfast was served, everyone was putting together some final touches to their projects. ?

At 10am judges and mentors rolled around to talk with attendees and see what they’ve built in 24 hours. ???

At 11am everyone presented their ideas and projects in front of everyone (see below for a list.) Parents and members of the community came together to witness what their scholars have created. ?

At the end of the day, our CodeDay attendees have said that they had a lot of fun sharing and exploring their passion for technology. We even had a majority the student attendees interested in helping make the next CodeDay Toronto even better! ?

Photo credit: Victor (SRND), Jason Montgomery (SPS), Andrew Judd (SPS)

What They Made


A game where you guess the magic word.


A fun game where a stick man jumps on obstacles in mid-air!


A tapping mobile app with an environmental incentive. We intend to donate all our profits gained through our app for planting trees.

To-Do List

My first Java program! :)

Photos At The Event


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